Follow Up Letters

Follow Up Letters

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Every connection with a potential customer isn't an immediate yes. You know you should follow up but you're not exactly sure what you should send.

Don't worry...I've got you covered. These letters will help you:

After a Discovery Call

After a Networking Event

When they haven't made a decision/responded

When a client isn’t following through (and will likely cancel due to lack of progress)

When a customer asks for a refund

When a customer visits a sales page but doesn’t buy (requires tracking at the cart level)

When a potential client says ‘it’s not in my budget’

When a potential client says “no”

When a potential client schedules a discovery session but doesn’t show

When they hire another coach instead of you

When you want to reconnect with a past client

When you want to re-engage a canceled member

When your sales call doesn’t go as planned

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