Why the System Shoppe?

Do you remember the good old days?

Growing up, going to the local general store was the highlight of my weeks during the summers I spent with my grandmother. The people in the store knew my grandmother, of course, but what really made it special for me was that from year to year when I visited, they remembered me.  They'd ask questions about school, give sage advice about life, and celebrate the wins they'd heard about. And they served the absolute best ice cream in town. 

That general store is long gone, replaced with big chains that don't know me from any other number that walks through the door.  In a world filled with big box stores, online retailers, and endless automation, convenience abounds. What's missing, though, is the personal touch, the emotional connection with visitors. 

At the System Shoppe, our aim is to bring the feelings of that old general store to the automated world. We connect with our customers, getting to know their dreams and frustrations. And we help them bridge their gaps to reach their goals. But, we take this one step further and help our customers do the same in their businesses. From getting to know their ideal client to creating a customer journey that increases profits, this is the aim of our "Digital Mom & Pop Shop."

We've served customers in 7 countries, addressing their unique business visions with data-driven strategies and getting results that propelled them down their paths. 

Are you ready to put the heart back in your business and take giant leaps forward? The System Shoppe can help you maintain your local heart, even if you have a global pulse. 

About Us

The System Shoppe is a family run business that specializes in small business. 

We help entrepreneurs and small businesses create systems and processes in their business so that they can make more money and have time to do what they love. 

Originally a virtual assistant business, built to help busy physical therapists with administrative tasks, we quickly realized that the problem many of the practice owners were facing was a lack of consistent systems in every area from lead generation to getting paid. 

While they were good at their craft, this was mostly unknown to the rest of the world. They were hidden gems that were struggling to be found. 

The System Shoppe began creating websites and other marketing material and the systems to make them run and everything began to fall into place. 

As we have grown over the years, our reach has expanded around the globe, and across industries. Guiding them through the often challenging but always restorative process of cleansing their business, we nudge our clients to create systems and processes. Then, we support them through the implementation so they can get the time and mental freedom they dream of. 

Chaunesha Zackery, CEO

Hi, there! I'm Chaunesha Zackery, a civil engineer turned productivity strategist. 

I know from more than two decades in the corporate world and building my own business having systems and processes is the key to success. Without them, things can go really crazy, really quickly!

The thing is, creating those systems in the midst of trying to run and grow your business (and still have a life!) can seem so overwhelming and it just never seems to happen.

I believe supported entrepreneurs are more focused, innovative, and profitable.

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