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The right systems for your business

*Wordpress or Infusionsoft additional $125

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Landing Page


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A landing page is a simple, distraction-free web page that is designed to present your book and collect email addresses.

No other menu options or clickable links are presented. If someone lands there, they should only have two options - sign up or close down the page.

Author's Media Kit


Your Author media kit is not for your readers but for journalists, bloggers, book store owners and anyone else who might want to feature your book within their sphere of influence.

Your media kit is not your pitch—it's a tool that you use when you pitch yourself to the media. This kit isn’t the publicity itself—it’s a collection of pieces that will help you with your conversations with members of the media. You’ll get a better sense of how that works as we work our way through this process.

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There are lots of options for building websites and your choice will be heavily influenced by your technology skills and your budget.

The best option is to have the landing page hosted on your website, indicating to the potential subscriber even before clicking that they are about to be taken to your website. You can achieve this by setting up a custom landing page on your website, using a WordPress plug-in (if your website is on WordPress) or by using the integration capabilities of any of the generic landing page services.

I will help you choose what is best or you and your book. 


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