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"How We Used Facebook Messenger To Make A Local Gym $1,500/ Mo In New Customers Without A Single Dollar On Ads, While Reducing Their Workload!"

Hear Me Out... I know it sounds crazy

What if I told you that RIGHT NOW you could be getting around 20-30% more customers, 500% more leads, and communicate with your customers in a way they ACTUALLY care to engage with... all without actually having to add anymore work to your plate and WITHOUT spending more money on ads.

Facebook recently published a statistic that stated more than 85% of adults have Messenger in their phone and prefer it as a means of communicating with businesses. There's a really good chance you are seeing the increase in Messenger messages as well, and that SHOULD be turning into more customers for you but is likely just a headache.

Most business owners don't have the time to sit around waiting for messages, but if you are more than an hour in replying to a Messenger messages, statistics show, that customer will go elsewhere. Messenger can be your companies biggest asset if used correctly, and doesn't actually require any more work from you, your customers are already there, you just have to meet them halfway.

We found that by instantly responding to most inbound conversations we can increase sales and decrease overall customer support time. Not only is that possible, we can ALSO help guide the conversations before they even start, so that you get more accomplished and answer their questions before they even ask them! Let Me Explain...

Your Customers Are In Messenger, You Should Be Too... Here's How 

The first step to determining if you can benefit from Messenger automations is to perform an "Inbox Audit". This is something that we do for our customers regularly and is a great way to find out what your customers are asking for most frequently when reaching out in Messenger.

A great example would be the local gym... they get messages constantly from potential customers asking for information about dropping in, directions, phone number, rates, you name it. We found that, on average, it would take them around 24 hours to deliver a reply to these customers because they were busy or the customer would message them late at night/ early in the morning. By not replying INSTANTLY, we also noticed most of these potential customers had already found another gym to drop into.

That's where we come in... we set up a basic system, like the one you see below, to ensure that this gym never missed another customer again... and they have since been AVERAGING an additional $1500/ mo in new client sign ups and drop ins from THIS automation alone.

In this demo, someone is typing "I'd like to . drop in" and we are able to build an amazingly enticing experience directly into Messenger so you won't have to respond manually.

We can even ask whether or not they got a solution to their problem at the end so that you never have to wonder. These replies are always different based on the needs of the business and we are constantly evolving them based on REAL user engagement.

The potential here is almost limitless because what you're seeing is just about the most basic application of Messenger that we can setup for you! It runs 24 hours a day, never takes the weekends off, and is always caffeinated (aka it's never in a bad mood).

Also remember, if your customers and potential customers are getting answers to their Messages WITHOUT YOU needing to respond... that gives you more of your time back! So YOU get to make more, by doing less.

Grab Your Free Inbox Consultation Call

Enter Your Name And Email Below To Schedule A Time To Perform An Inbox Consultation With Us. We'll Evaluate Your Current Potential With Messenger! Note: We Are Currently Waiving All Set Up Fees For The Next 20 Businesses And This Is First Come, First Serve... All We Ask Is For A Nice Testimonial!

Here's a glimpse at some of the other industries we've helped in the past and some other ways that these Messenger bots can be integrated to help your customers and to create MORE customers!

We Can Build Automations For ANY Business, Helping YOU Get More Clients With Less Work…

- Ecommerce store automations helping people find your support desk, purchase products, refund information, or upcoming new promotions! We can use a combination of Messenger and Facebook ads to promote your products while also building rich automations like you've seen here today. We've generated more than $1.7MM in sales through our techniques!

- Influencers have no idea how much potential there is to utilize Messenger to promote their brands. We've helped multiple Instagram and Youtube influencers grow their audience through the use of Messenger!

- Local Business has the most to lose by not having their Messenger automations in place. It really is that simple! 90% of consumers said they would give their money to the business that responds first! The days of "wanting to be personalized" are over, you can still make a highly engaging and entertaining experience in Messenger through automations. This saves you time, money, and creates new customers.

Make sure you take the time to grab your inbox consultation now and we can have you up and running within just DAYS!

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